Monday, June 23, 2008

I Wish I Could Tell You Why

I didn't look before I started this post, but I imagine it's been damn near two months since I've updated this here blog. I've not a clue why. Maybe it's some sort of interweb funk. I haven't even been reading the blogs I normally do. Seriously, blogs I used to visit every day, I haven't looked at in forever. It makes no sense to me. I have been pretty freakin' busy, though. Maybe that's it.
Jennifer and I bought a house last month. We were going to buy a different house, but it caught fire two days before we were to close. We took that as a sign and bought this one instead. We like it a lot and are getting used to being homeowners.
The yard whips a ton of ass. Carmen likes it, too. She's still getting used to having her own yard after two years in Jennifer's apartment. Unfortunately, the yard needs a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good. Shortly after the above picture was taken, I was bitten twiced by a brown recluse spider and got into a bunch of poison ivy. Seven days of antibiotics and steroids later, it's almost gone. Spider bites are scary. They look pretty neat, though.
Another May race passed last month and Solarte held my favorite driver of all-time, Jimmy Freakin' Spencer, until I got back from Victory Lane to snap this picture. Mr. Excitement became my favorite driver back in 2000 when he was driving the #26 K-Mart Ford Taurus. I was working in Mooresville when my buddy Brian Wilson and I went to his shop to shoot a drunk driving Public Service Announcement. He was cool dude and real nice to us so I figured I'd be a Jimmy Spencer fan since he didn't have a ton of them back then. He would haul his race car behind his pickup truck and bring it to high school soccer and football games where his son played. I think he even agreed to do a goofy promo with me to promote our Friday night Football games on the ole' cable channel up there. Good times. I wish Mr. Excitement still drove, but he's doing quite well with the tv show.

After ten to 12 attempts, we were finally able to recreate Victory Lane several hours after the race ended. It required counting, tossing confetti and timing it just right with the digital camera shutter delay. I don't necessarily enjoy shooting a 600 mile race. It's rough on the back and can be boring at times, but I know the product we end up with is good television. With the five people pictured above, we did an hour show complete with highlights, analysis, sound with the race winner and one on one's with the winning crew chief and car owner. That's the same thing a large motorsports network had after the race with dozens of staff members. Those five guys pictured don't suck at what they do. We made some fine television. I'll shoot a 600 miler every Sunday if it will help make good tv.

I'm off to read all the blogs I used to read every day. It will take me all night to catch up. Hopefully there isn't much news to keep me busy this evening. And hopefully, reading those blogs will inspire me to write more here. It typically does.