Friday, July 24, 2009

Eff This

How often do you get sick of your daily routine? I'm pretty easy to please and my work schedule is nuts, so I don't get sick of mine very often but I imagine your run of the mill banker or office worker often sits in their cubical and wants to get up, hop in the car, drive to the airport and go somewhere far, far away on a regular basis.

Enter Matt Pedigo and Drew Hunt. Matt grew up in rural Kentucky, was a Marine and eventually ended up shooting tape in Reno and Knoxville before Covering the Carolinas for WSOC. Drew hails from Savannah and is an enormous UGA and Panthers fan who shot news in his hometown before making his way to WSOC a few years ago. Oh yeah, Drew also was a professional wrestler who has more than one belt. Two great dudes who are good enough friends they decided to rid themselves of local television news and skip town.

Leaving Charlotte wasn't quite far enough. Leaving North Carolina wasn't far enough. These two bought a one way ticket to Ireland. Next Sunday they'll land in Dublin, spend a couple of days sampling the locals and the local beverages before they start walking. They'll probably hitch a ride here and there, but for the most part, they'll lug big assed backpacks around the country for a while, then make their way through various other parts of Europe relying on their friendship and the kindness of strangers for survival.

Matt just got back from shooting a documentary in The Republic of Congo and Drew sold his condo and truck so they have nothing American to worry about while they're over there.

When I see people I know doing stuff like this, I always wonder if I could do it. I'm not sure I could, even when I was single. Let's be honest. It takes enormous balls to say, "Eff this, let's go backpacking!" That's exactly what Matt and Drew are doing. I'm impressed and happy for them. It's always nice to see folks who used to do what I used to do for a living do something really cool on their own accord. They'll have a freakin' blast. Many of their friends, colleagues and coworkers gathered at The Gin Mill Wednesday for a final pint and goodbye before they head east. Neither one of them looked nervous, just really freakin' excited.

Oh, and they'll be blogging along the way, too.