Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fat Bastard

I was headed to work this afternoon from Davidson and received a text message to my phone with the above picture attatched. It was cousin Lee sending a picture of himself with a message saying, "The fat bastard 4 ur blog." I haven't seen Lee in two or three months and I don't know that he looks any bigger, but I'm guessing he's packed on several since he was moved to send this picture. Maybe we'll see you in a coulple of weeks you fat bastard.

Loud Noises

Jennifer and I took our folks to dinner Saturday night so everyone could meet everybody and tell stories about things we did when we were little and stuff. It was a good time and our parents got along, too. At one point the conversation turned to plays and shows. I think my mom mentioned that STOMP! was in town this week and she didn't have tickets but really wanted to go. Yesterday she called and said there were still tickets available for this Sunday so Jennifer and I told her we'd go. Turns out there were only two tickets left for Sunday so mom and sister Anna will go. By this time Jennifer really wanted to go and was excited about it so I turned to my old friend Craig and found a nice lady named Wendy who wanted to sell her tickets to Saturday afternoon's show.

I met Wendy this afternoon in Davidson. I introduced myself, "Howdy, I'm Adam." Wendy said she recognized me from this blog which was weird since I didn't know Wendy and we'd only responded via email for about two hours this morning. She googled my name this morning to make sure her Stomp tickets weren't going to some jackass. After reading this blog and forwarding it to her sister in Thaint Louisth, she miraculously concluded I'm not a jackass. That's amazing. I took a picture of Wendy but for some reason didn't save it on my phone, which makes me a jackass. I saw STOMP! ten years ago in college and look forward to watching a bunch of dudes make cool sounds by beating the shit out of trash cans again.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Party

Thanks to the Panthers sucking almost all year long it was time for the Travers' Annual Super Bowl Party. Jim knows how to throw a party. He spent hours Friday night, Saturday and Sunday getting the basement ready for beer drinking and football viewing. Being the television geeks we are, Travers went the extra mile for the party. On TV#1(my enormous tube that's been in his basement for several months now) he had an HD feed with two computer monitors on top. On those monitors was a split screen view of the Fox production truck as the crew punched the game. It was badass. Evidently one of Crum's former students was in the truck so we all watched him work his magic.Travers, Tim and myself brought Jim's 50 inch plasma downstairs for TV#2. It featured the best picture of the evening and served as the primary viewing spot. I realize it looks like God's about to strike Campbell but it's just the flash's reflection off of a sweet street sign Trav has in his basement.
TV#3 is my favorite. It's the shitter tv. Unfortunately I only had to pee one time.
Travers ran a ton of cable for TV#4. The outdoor television is where tv's Kris Cook and Mike Solarte watched the game. Cook may or may not have had some cash riding on the game.
He was in Vegas for NASCAR testing last week and took the plunge on a parlay taking the Giants and the points and the under. Touchdown!


I met The Lady's dad for lunch Friday. This may sound normal to many of you but in almost two years with The Lady, I've never had lunch with him. He was pretty sure why I invited him. Less than 90 seconds after my arrival I said to him, "I bought your daughter a ring and want to make sure it's alright with you she wear it." He responded saying he was honored I asked. He then gave me four quick requirements of his daughter's husband. We worked that out before I even ordered a sweet tea. With that out of the way we spent the rest of lunch talking about things that really didn't have anything to do with marriage. We talked about work. He's retiring at the end of the year so he's excited about cutting grass at the golf course so he can play free golf. We talked about how nutty local tv news is. It was a nice time. Your friendly neighborhood police officer Tim and I visited Diamonds Direct Southpark, the official jewler of the Carolina Panthers, before Christmas and found a stone I thought she'd like. Then about three or four weeks ago I went ahead and paid for it. I knew I was going to ask The Lady to marry me, I just didn't know when I was gonna do it. I figured it'd be sooner than later, but I didn't know when. It hit me during the middle of last week that I'd better hurry up and ask. I don't think she was getting impatient or anything, but I was ready to marry this womern whom I'm deeply in love with.
My pockets are always full of things some may consider crap but they're important to me. In my right pocket sits my big assed wallet. In my left pocket resides lip balm, keys, gum, camera and phone. Friday night, I added a small box with a ring inside. Usually I'll sit down on the couch with the lady and she'll quickly tell me to empty my pockets because they poke her hips when she sits next to me. Well, it took about an hour Friday night for her to ask so I stood up and pulled out the box o' ring first. She gave it a weird look and didn't realize what I was doing. When I opened the box she let out a few excited sqeals as I proposed. Oh, she said yes, too! We're looking at a fall wedding. There's already a website(which she agreed to use www.thisweddingmayormaynotsuck.com for but we decided for our parent's sake we'd keep it simple. She's handling all of the website duties.) but not an exact date or location.

Saturday we made a bunch of phone calls and went on the tour of families to make the announcement. Then Saturday night we had sister Anna's birthday party. Anna was a great sport about it. It didn't dawn on me until midweek the engagement would fall on Anna's birthday and I felt kinda shitty about it, but she was cool. Happy Birthday Anna!

Now that The Lady is The Fiancee, I reckon I'll simply call her Jennifer from now on. I've been practicing my yes ma'am's and whatever you think will be just fine with me honey's. I'm getting pretty good at it.

Mel Brooks

Al Sharpton visited Charlotte, USA Thursday to weigh on in the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office debate. Here's the quick rundown. The Sheriff retired to take a job in DC with homeland security. He was a democrat, thus the county party elects a successor via precints. The guy that wasn't supposed to win creates a shit ton of new precints and wins by a landslide. Oh, and he's black, too. I wish that wasn't an issue, but it is according to a lot of black people and more than a few white people in Charlotte. Anyway, the media starts uncovering folks who were allegedly in these precints and voted for the guy that wasn't supposed to win, but those people didn't remember signing anything or joining a precinct. A couple of democrats complained and a democratic state review panel decided Saturday by a vote of 10-2 the election was invalid.

The board of county commissioners will likely appoint the guy that was supposed to win Tuesday night at their regular meeting. He isn't black and that will likely cause even more controversy, but at least most of that controversy will hopefully be in the courtroom where cameras aren't allowed. By the way, Al Sharpton is pretty entertaining and didn't even offend me regardless of the way I feel about the issues he discussed. You could almost consider me an Al Sharpton fan. Some of the other local leaders tried to make me feel bad for being a member of the media and for being white. I smiled when they looked at me.

I wish everyone was the same color, or didn't give a shit what color we all are.